Friday, August 23, 2013

Drawings for Autism

We're on TV!

DS Art is now broadcasting his artwork on streaming television, via The Autism Channel!

The Autism Channel is a remarkable resource for people on the autism spectrum, and for their families, and I'm delighted to share in a small part of their programming.

How did this happen? Some time ago I received a note from a teacher telling me how she was using my drawings to motivate her autistic students. 

When I heard about the special Autism TV programming on an NPR broadcast, I decided to contact the TAC producers, share the teacher's story with them, and offer my drawings to use however they felt was best. 

The result was a special series of "Time Out" segments, five to seven minutes of uninterrupted visual entertainment - and perhaps the perfect venue for my art.


It is ironic and strangely satisfying to think that 30 years after leaving medicine to make funny pictures, the drawings themselves are now capturing the attention of a complex and growing segment of our society - and may even hold some measure of therapeutic benefit. 

Hope so.

The initial video segment has been posted on Vimeo:

Tune in and take a look!

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