Thursday, February 2, 2012

Zero Calorie Valentine Chocolate Moose

“You need to put your drawings on YouTube,” my wife told me this past Christmas, as she was peeling the last of the wrapping paper off of her brand new video camera.

“How do you plan to do that?” I asked, dutifully. “Zoom in on the picture while I stand there and talk about it?” I could tell from her contented smile that I was catching onto the idea pretty quick.

The sudden, un-Seasonable chill of stage fright was overwhelming, all the worse because I wasn’t anywhere near a stage. I was supposedly safe at home, minding my own business, in my own living room, on a Holiday, sitting barefoot in my pajamas and a Santa hat, not even through with my first cup of coffee, and here she was toying with the idea of pointing a TV camera at me. “Do I at least get to put on a clean shirt?” I wondered aloud.

“Not right now, Silly.”

Whew! One bullet dodged, but once that girl gets a good idea in her head, chances are I’ll be going along with it, sooner or later. I know. She gets lots of good ideas.


“Hey! You could use one of your funny voices! You know, like you used to do with the kids,” she insisted, a week or two later at the studio. That icy feeling started to creep in again, but this time I managed to shrug it off.

“Why not.”

(Click on 'Why not'.)

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