Saturday, February 11, 2012

DS Art-chaeology

The DS Art Studio recently received a Certified letter of inquiry from attorneys representing a group of amateur urban archaeologists who, according to their official epistle, “have been conducting excavations in various locations throughout the Midwest”, and now claimed to be in possession of certain “relics of considerable age”, some of which bore indicia sharing “multiple points of similarity” to our own company logo.

We were, of course, intrigued.

Rather than endorse and return the accompanying quitclaim documents as directed by the authors of the mysterious missive (“A mere formality,” we were assured. “Standard practice, with absolutely no legal obligation whatsoever on your part to peruse the fine print”), we turned the matter over to our corporate philatelic counsel, Lickem, Stickum & Sendham, LLC,who naturally initiated a full investigation on our behalf into what we were advised might possibly represent a potential treasure trove of substantial historic and monetary value.

Following up on public and private inquiries into active archaeological digs, geocache activities and county flea markets in seven midwestern states, our agents were finally able to uncover specific details regarding the artifacts in question.

Their investigation and subsequent covert recovery actions yielded tangible results that have since been identified, catalogued, substantially restored, and archivally preserved for posterity. A digital record of their findings may be examined here.

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