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Discovering and Decoding 
the President’s Binary Hand Signals

Birmingham, Alabama
1 April 2017

One and two and one and one and…

Visual artists Don Stewart and Sue Ellen Brown of the DS Art Studio in Homewood, Alabama have made a startling discovery, simply by observing the hand gestures of the 45th president. After months of careful study, the husband and wife team believe the leader of the free world is telegraphing coded messages using binary code in his own digital sign language, and has been doing so since he began running for office.

Hand Signals
Stewart, a former physician, and Brown, a computer artist, began noticing the candidate’s peculiar hand motions early in the presidential campaign.

“It was actually way back in the summer of 2015,” says Brown, who was first to comment on the candidate’s odd manual gesticulations. She noticed the regularity with which Mr. Trump repeatedly extended his index finger in an upward ‘number one’ direction, followed by circling his thumb and forefinger into the letter “O”.

“He just kept doing it, over and over, so I got curious and started keeping notes,” Brown said. “It turns out he was speaking in sign language, signaling individual letters, made up of zeroes and ones.”

Since then, the husband and wife team has been poring over hours of video footage, carefully cataloguing the sequences of 1’s and O’s indicated by Trump’s articulate right hand. After writing down the numbers on separate note pads, the two then compare their numeric lists, revisiting the video record to resolve any conflicts.

Once the raw lists of binary figures are complete, they are scanned into a computer program that simultaneously reads the numbers, and separates them sequentially into eight-bit segments for translation into alphanumeric characters.

“It took us a while to get the software right,” says Brown, “But with a little bit of tweaking, we were able to obtain reliable data. Incredible data. Better data than anyone has ever been able to generate before.”

With eight ‘bits’ or gestures, per letter, it takes a long time to code a word by hand, much less a full sentence.

“That’s probably why he talks so much,” says Stewart.

According to the two researchers, Trump’s messages cover a wide range of topics from DAPL and NAFTA to MAGA and several mentions of WAFFLES. ‘You are Losers,’ and ‘I am WINNING’ appear frequently. Neither artist would offer details concerning the content of additional coded messages, citing national security concerns, and the fact that their translations aren’t infallible, for a number of reasons.

“It turns out, he’s not a very good speller,” said Stewart, “Though the man is spot-on with the terms ‘B-I-G-L-Y’ and ‘H-U-G-E’. He nails those every time.”

“And TRUMP. There’s a lot of T-R-U-M-P,” Brown said.

When pressed, the two investigators also admit that their translating program isn't perfect. Some of the passages they have recorded make no sense at all when processed through their proprietary computer algorithm. This could be due, they say, to glitches in the software, or simply a faulty interpretation of the hand gestures, for example, when an upturned finger actually means ‘Number One’. “That can throw off an entire sequence,” said Stewart.

Both concede that more study is needed, and have plans to run their ‘nonsense’ data through a more advanced series of algorithms, including punctuation filters, and Cyrillic character analysis.

When asked why they have only interpreted the president’s right-handed gestures, Stewart noted, “If you try and follow both hands at once, the messages become unreadable, so either the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing, or he’s sending different information to two audiences at once. For now we’re focusing on right-sided speech alone. That’s where most of the action is. We plan to review the numbers from his sinister side in a follow-up study.”

Asked when the intelligence community will allow them to discuss their findings in greater detail, the artists stated that the meetings with federal authorities have been planned for some time, but repeatedly postponed until a later date.


Don Stewart      
Sue Ellen Brown
DS Art Studio Gallery
2805 Crescent Ave
Homewood, Alabama 35209


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