Friday, April 1, 2016

Bright Future For LED Fireworks

Art Studio Revolutionizes 
Pyrotechnic Industry

Birmingham, Alabama
1 April 2016

In a breakthough that industry insiders are calling the ‘most significant advance since gunpowder’, a local art studio has developed new technologies that may literally push the pyrotechnic industry to new heights.

The DS Art Studio announced today its latest artistic collaboration with Volatech Pyrotechnics Corporation and Lux BioSystems to develop an entirely new line of electronic fireworks, incorporating LED light sources and bioluminescence into traditional explosive charges.

Safer than conventional fireworks, these professional grade display pyrotechnics require far less dynamic capacity, since the explosive charge is needed only to deliver the display package into the air, and subsequently disperse the lightweight electronic contents.

“The flying chips then convert the kinetic energy of high-speed movement into brilliant sparkles of light,” says Don Stewart, the artist in charge of the project. “The colors are far brighter, and offer a much wider spectrum of hues over the old chemical combustion fireworks.”

The miniaturized LED displays last longer, too, as the panels can be configured into a wing or propeller shape, much like maple seeds, which allows each of the powerful, tiny light sources to twirl slowly, shimmering all the way to the ground. 

Advanced versions of these high-tech skyrockets may also carry ultra-thin microprocessors, containing rudimentary guidance programs and proximity sensors, allowing each light source to assume discrete positions relative to its neighbors. These so-called ‘Smartworks’ will be capable of forming complex patterns such as the American flag, the Statue of Liberty, or portraits of past or future presidents, completely revolutionizing the Fourth of July experience.

“We are already having informal conversations with a major film producer,” Stewart said. “They want to discuss the possibility of programming our Smartworks to display popular characters in the sky over their worldwide chain of theme parks.”

He was unable to give further details due to client confidentiality.

Maintaining the safety factor all the way to the ground, the airborne lighting components cease to function within seconds of landing, and are made of processed organic materials that are completely degradable and non-toxic.  


Donald B. Stewart
Chief Visual Humorist
The DS Art Studio Gallery
2805 Crescent Avenue
Birmingham, AL 35209

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