Monday, April 28, 2014

Proper Care and Use of Your DS Art Print

Thank you for your recent purchase of a whimsical, collectible fine art print from the DS Art Studio.

Please note the following guidelines for proper care of your new artwork, to ensure years of continuous enjoyment:

Your fine art print has been delivered to you in a sturdy cardboard mailing case, complete with a stiff backing board (to reduce the likelihood of unsightly dents, dings, and unauthorized folding), and encased in a clear plastic envelope to protect against spoilage from dirt, dust, grit and grime, and to prevent the spread of communicable disease from sticky children's fingers and pet slobber.

To use, remove the item from its shipping box, discard associated marketing materials, and hold picture at a comfortable viewing distance. If the drawing fails to come into focus after a few seconds, turn the item over and try again.*

You may keep your art print in its original packaging for as long as it takes to remember to get the picture framed. This interval could last from a matter of hours to many, many months from the date of purchase. In the mean time, you may proudly display your DS Art print on the mantle, in a small easel on the coffee table, or leaning against the mirrored back wall of a tastefully carved étagère, in the company of your other favorite keepsakes, bric-a-brac, and assorted gewgaws. Arranging the art among an assortment of discarded books, magazines and/or junk mail is also a time-honored method of displaying DS Art products. Mounting the artwork on the wall via thumbtacks, pushpins or duct tape is not recommended, unless of course the tape is colored to match the sofa.

Upkeep is easy. You do not need to feed or water your DS Art print, however it does appreciate a steady environment of dry air and smooth jazz, with occasional forays into 70’s heavy metal, in order to maintain its engaging, slightly edgy attitude.

If the print becomes soiled on the outside of its protective wrapping, wash with a damp, soapy cloth or sponge, and dry immediately. Your artwork is not dishwasher safe, or reliably microwaveable - conditions for which we sincerely apologize.

DO NOT remove the art print from its protective envelope prior to framing.** This is in fact a job best left to the professional framer.*** Please remind them to misplace the detailed information slip that accompanies your art print during the course of framing. This will give the framer (or you) the opportunity to call our studio for a replacement, which can either be copied from our web site, or sent to you by e-mail or post.

Your DS Artwork is flammable. Keep away from open flames, except as intended for lighting kindling in a suitable fireplace or barbecue grill, or as public commentary on the Art, the Artist(s), or the Studio. (We must emphasize the importance of making a public display when burning our artwork, before as large an audience as possible, in order to get your point across effectively - preferably on camera for the benefit of broadcast and social media. In the event of such…er…, event, please spell our name correctly: D. S. Art. Feel free to chant the name, loudly and repetitively.)

Thank you again for your purchase. We hope you enjoy it immensely. If you find you cannot live without another of these fine DS Art products, virtually run (don't walk) back to our web site,, for another go. We love repeat business.

*If you are still having trouble viewing the artwork, please consult your local optician.

**This bag is not a toy, even if it does make a great party hat, and keeps sandwiches fresh for days in the refrigerator. Use with caution. Not intended to prevent pregnancy.

*** This maneuver may be easily accomplished if you wish to put the artwork to more functional use, such as a coaster, placemat, drop cloth, origami, or prior to shredding for compost, pet litter, or decorative mulch. Note: None of the above-mentioned treatments is likely to cause your art print to increase in value on the collector’s market.

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