Friday, April 11, 2014

In Praise of Lassitude

I’ve given in to idling, these first warm days of spring, a willing victim to the season’s incurable fever.

I arrive at the studio, browse e-mails, search and play a little on the web, then collapse into a chair until lunchtime, after which I have no desire whatever to accomplish another thing for the remainder of the day. 

Even after the distractions of a good book, and a short nap.

This may be the artist’s version of stay-cation after a long and productive winter, or simply the accumulating evidence of creeping chronology, the coupling of metabolic slow-down with the ever-diminishing capacity to give a damn.

It suits me fine. 

I lie, content, like a cat, in a sunbeam, contemplating pictures to draw, stories to write, gardenscapes to plot and dig and plant, knowing that each of these will, I am certain, one day soon, be done.

These, these and more.

In due time.

But not today.


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