Sunday, June 30, 2013

Video Killed the Blog Star

Wow. It’s been weeks since I’ve written a blog entry. Which is a little ironic, given that just about all I have been doing every day lately is writing.

There are all kinds of writing, of course. These days I’m doing less (make that none) of the stories, and more of the administrative stuff: ad copy, correspondence, e-mail, social media – almost all of which (compounding the irony) has to do with promoting my book. Of stories.

We’re right in the middle of our crowd-funding campaign, doing whatever we can to expand and communicate with our network of personal and professional contacts to make sure 1) that they all know about our effort to publish Past Medical History, and 2) that we want to use their money to do it.

It’s not a charity project. (Not entirely, anyway.) We have lots of incentives, premiums, prizes, if you will, to try and encourage people to come on board and help us print this book. Which can be done by visiting our Indiegogo campaign.

This is the kind of thing I’ve been writing.

Wrote a lot of other stuff, too, leading up to the kick-off of our campaign: Project descriptions, press releases, perk lists (these are the prizes mentioned earlier), and something else I’m not much used to at all:

I had to write a script for the video. This should have been a fun little project, a very short story telling people about our book project, and convincing them that we had the know-how and experience to follow through with the publication, if they would trust us with their money. Simple.

Correlate that story with views of a talking head (me), decorated with a bunch of entertaining artwork and informative graphics, and voila! we have it. (Oh, yeah, that required a storyboard, so I’ve been doing a little drawing, too.) 

The whole project only took a month, maybe two, but it worked. After all that effort, it occurred to me that a video script might make a good blog post. Then it occurred to me that the video itself would make a better one: 

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