Sunday, September 2, 2012

Making Movies, Standing Still

Thanks to the magic of do-it-yourself movie-making software, the DS Art studio has begun producing a series of fun little videos, featuring the artwork of DonStewart and Sue Ellen Brown.

Actually, Sue Ellen does all of the heavy lifting on these projects. Don sits nearby bothering her with inane questions and comments, like “That looks too dark,” or “Can you make it scroll backwards?” and “Shouldn't we add another comma there?”

Sue patiently works her digital wizardry, and before long we have another masterpiece to add to the collection. What used to be still, silent drawings and paintings come alive with movement, narration, and mood-moving background music. She even throws in some clever sound effects now and then for good measure.

So grab a friend and a bowl of popcorn, and come take a look: 

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