Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Camp Fire Complete

The finished drawing, ready for presentation at the Camp Fire Centennial celebration.

With a hundred years of material to work with, there was no problem finding an abundance of meaningful images to include in this drawing. The challenge was to choose the few items necessary to convey a detailed timeline, highlight the Camp Fire focus on Work, Health, and Love - while still keeping a feeling of fun and celebration.

Work is demonstrated in part by the paint brush and roller, saw, flower pot, trowel, measuring tape, cookbook and keyboard. Health is noted by a First Aid kit, adhesive bandage, healthy eating and exercise (play included). Love is shown in the heart on the kite, the Salute to Veterans emblem, and the Welcome mat that invites everyone to participate in Camp Fire programs and activities.

Stones around the base of the fire reflect the changing Camp Fire logos across the century, along with early and modern emblems of achievement within the organization.

The “flames” rising out of this camp fire are formed from streamers of movie film, music, measuring tape, a bow and arrow, and strings of award beads. Tendrils of red clover, the state flower of Vermont, signify the state where the Camp Fire organization was founded in 1910. At the heart of the blaze lies today’s Camp Fire USA logo.

Sparks from the fire are mimicked by a scattering of toys, beads,bubbles and badges, donuts & candy (a significant source of fundraising over the years), pacifier (for child care), coins (for money management), a quill for education, and keys to success.

Mirroring the Camp Fire organization's focus on self-reliance and personal development, the picture includes camping gear (canteen, flashlight, pocket knife, rope, fishing pole), and toys from every decade from 1910 to 2010.

This piece will be one of a dozen works by Birmingham area artists that will travel the state to celebrate 100 years of Camp Fire USA. Originally called Camp Fire Girls, the organization continues to foster confidence and develop leadership skills for nearly a million children, youth and families every year. 
The combined show will debut on April 27 at the Wynfrey Hotel in Birmingham.

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  1. Hi, your art is really really wonderful! Would it be possible for us to use this image of the awesome camp fire for our school camp tshirt?