Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Arms of Morpheus

Twenty-five years ago I was assigned to a clinical rotation in anesthesia. It put me to sleep – or it would have if the docs and nurse anesthetists weren’t so much fun to work with.

For a time I was even tempted to to defect to the quiet side of the surgical drapes, until I realized that about half the time a vial of .01 solution of curare looked the same to me as a 1.0 concentration. (For the record, they don't look the same to the patient.) Far better for everyone that I found my place at the drawing board.

Now, only a quarter century later, the DS Art Studio is pleased to announce the completion of the newest drawing in my medical humor series, collectively titled fARSe MEDICA. Eventually the goal is to have something for every one of the major medical disciplines, and allied healthcare professions as well. At this rate the collection will be complete around 2050.

This new composite design is built around an Anesthesia theme, based on the poetic metaphor for sleep: Falling into the Arms of Morpheus, the god of dreams. This fictitious coat of “arms” of the family Morpheus is comprised of anesthesia equipment, medicinal plants, and the artist’s usual array of mind-numbing puns – including Spinal Tap, Cat Nap, Art Line, Axillary Block, and Ivy (I.V.). The tongue-in-cheek motto Ether-Or notes the fiduciary benefits of this lucrative medical specialty (or = gold), which basically involves sitting on a stool until quitting time (5pm, as noted on the alarm clock).

The signed, numbered giclee prints are available at the DS Art web store. Each print comes complete with a genuine Blazon of Arms cataloging the details of this fanciful feat of heraldic humor. Apologies to anyone with the surname Morpheus.

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